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anthony pena writes about new invegerated baltimore project june pastel

"What Was All to Come"


Wanted to share some thoughts on june pastel...

This all started as a recording project in my basement outside of Salt Lake City the summer of 2015. A number of my songs were laying around and the goal was to dedicate time to record and release them before a big move to Baltimore. The result was a pretty rock n’ roll record with an excessive amount of guitars – poor Ben Finley agreed to learn them in time for the release (such a rockstar). The songs felt promising, but the recordings called for more love. A small amount of CD's were pressed for a night at Albatross Recordings & Ephemera - then that was it - shelved for two years.

With then being in a new city full of inspirational humans doing all sorts of engaging art - there was needed time to step back and take in these new works. There was no rush or inclination to touch june pastel - that is until this last fall.

After some time of meeting new friends, and growing from experiences provided by a town I feel so humbled to move through - inspiration crept in and I was met with new ways to translate old arrangements. A number of guitar lines turned into dreamy saxophone, elegant woodwinds, or Marcie Kolacki playing cello in some classroom. The decision was made to tackle this new vision through eye-to-eye collaboration. I approached friends when felt there was enough space for the engagement of their individuality – couldn’t be more lucky to have worked with some talented people. More was produced than what I could ask for and I feel forever grateful for everyone’s leaps of faith and time.

We’re excited to share this new-new work with ya’ll, and see what the effects of community, providing space, and sharing ideas can do for art.



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